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Logo Design / Branding

This brief was to create a strong brand identity for a new product that is currently in its prototype stage.The product is a piece of safety equipment in the form of a 35ft telescopic pole used as a means of rescue in a man overboard situation. Oscar, Oscar, Oscar is the signal for man overboard hence the name Oscar3.

The target audience is yacht/boat owners, with the intention that the pole becomes a standard piece of safety equipment on small to medium sized sea vessels.

Our aim was to create a modern and luxurious logo that would sit amongst top leading brands within its environment and industry. We chose a font that was strong and sturdy to reflect the safety aspect of the brand but also had curves that would exude an air of leisure and coolness. The signature trademark ‘O’ was also designed,  keeping the potential of expansion in mind as the brand gains recognition.

Oscar Rescue Pole

OSCAR, OSCAR, OSCAR - code for man overboard